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The easy way to receive google adsense

Like I said yesterday, despite  people already signed up google adsense many times but still not acceptable.  how to tone received by google adsense?

1. Have Email GMAIL.COM-example: ajos.a7x @ gmail.com (Google her WebMail).
2. Once you have Email apasaja@gmail.com, the next step for the blog (personal site) dialamat http://www.blogger.com (Click on the link "New Blogger" - type in your Username & Password the same as your Username & Password GMAIL.COM your account )
3. Begin to make your blog (look for the topic you like, for instance about your hobby, business opportunities that you have, etc.). Our advice, prepare at least 4 articles and MUST BE IN ENGLISH. If you want easy, use a translator software (such as TransTool - you can type in the Indonesian language and the program will automatically change it in English). Send this article to your blog (do not forget to give an interesting title). You can get software translator in Mal Ambasador Kuningan or leading software store in your area.
4. Put 2-3 videos from YouTube.com on Your Blog (optional)
5. Once your blog is ready (to have at least 4 articles), now you're ready to do the last step is MOST IMPORTANT signed up for Google AdSense. Examination process takes 3-5 business days. We recommend to pray much for your site pass checked by Mbah Google :-)

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